Rock and Wall Climbing in San Francisco

The Bay Area boasts several climbing and bouldering hot spots that attract climbers of all skill levels. The sandstone formations of 6,000-acre Salt Point State Park, about 90 miles from San Francisco, are a favorite among the climbing set, with more than 20 sport climbing routes, most on Sentinel Rock, and 30 boulder problems. Many routes are for advanced climbers, with ratings of 5.12 and up; check the tide schedule and plan accordingly.

Stinson Beach, in Marin County, and Mount Diablo, in the 20,000-acre Mount Diablo State Park near Danville in the East Bay, are easily accessible spots for bouldering and climbing, respectively. At Stinson Beach, head to the south end of the beach to reach a number of boulders strewn across the sand. The double-peaked Mount Diablo spans climbing areas called Pine Canyon and the Boy Scout Rocks. Lower Boy Scout Rocks is home to one of the Bay Area’s most popular routes, the 90-foot Amazing Face (5.9+).

San Francisco also is home to some of the best climbing gyms in the country, including Mission Cliffs and Dogpatch Boulders (both under the Touchstone Climbing umbrella) and Planet Granite. About four hours away is Yosemite National Park, which boasts some of the world’s most coveted big-wall climbing. The Yosemite Mountaineering School is a superb resource for beginners.

Planet Granite

Planet Granite San Francisco

Planet Granite offers a variety of climbing classes for beginners of all ages and disciplines. New climbers can also jump right into a Beginner Rock Climbing Course (BRC). This 4-week course starts with belaying and continues into climbing movement and technique. The BRC is the ultimate introduction to indoor climbing and a great way to start a membership with Planet Granite.

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Saano Adventures

Saano Adventures San Francisco

We are proud to be a part of this community, providing a professional and safe learning environment for the next generation of adventure seeker. Whether your ambitions are to reach the High Sierra summits, climb Yosemite's steep granite walls, paddle wild river passages or to capture it all through great photography, with expert tutelage you can feel confident in your pursuits.

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Touchstone Climbing

Touchstone Climbing San Francisco

We are proud to own and operate eleven unique gyms throughout California, making us the largest indoor climbing company in the world. From belay staff to our directors and managers, instructors to kids program coaches, route setters to hold makers, we believe in creating a place where we can all come together and do what we love. We are not just gyms. Whether you are a bright-eyed newbie, seasoned oldie, or just looking for a great workout, you’ll find your place with Touchstone Climbing.

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